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Zeddy Bariti

Zeddy is a highly-rated communications expert with 8+ years experience in the energy sector and strategic communication. Zeddy works with individuals, groups and organizations to amplify their authenticity and empower them to become better brands. As Africa’s youth make up the world’s youngest population, this segment holds great potential. As a youth myself, I strongly advocate for their inclusion in decision-making and innovation. It is not just fair, but essential for economic growth, innovation, peace, and security in Africa. Zeddy is also the host of The Power Dialogue Podcast

About Us

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Our goal is to advocate for sustainable production and consumption policies and initiatives in East Africa. We strive to engage governments, businesses, and civil society organizations in this endeavor. We believe that it is important to prioritize the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and demonstrate positive impacts on the economy, environment, and society by every business.


Our vision is a world where social and economic development is driven by sustainable development principles. Our mission is to encourage and mobilize businesses and institutions across East Africa to embrace sustainability at all levels, working towards a socially and environmentally sustainable world.

About Us

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